The portfolio feedback should cross-reference what they’ve done versus what they were asked to do


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Hello everyone, 

As you know there is no video nor new reading associated with Module 8.  Instead of consistent with the syllabus, you are to submit a portfolio complete with the peer review components (parts C and D) that I have already reminded you about by email.  Here is a reminder of the criteria to be included in the portfolio:

Portfolio Structure:

(All) Portfolio Title: Teaching ELLs in the Content Areas: A Personal Plan of Action

(All) A. Include a two-page biographical statement (perhaps including part of your Module 1 self-introduction) that explains how you see yourself as a current or prospective educator of ELLs.  Who are you/who will you be in relation to the task of teaching content areas to ELLs? (If you would prefer to comment on the overlapping but not quite synonymous category of ‘multilingual learner’, feel free to substitute that for ‘ELL’.

(All) B. Assemble professional advice for yourself.  Include seven propositions  from the larger lists of propositions we have assembled in the Modules 2 - 7.  Make sure that at least one of the propositions is yours, but others can be from anyone.  After including the whole list in bullet form, repeat each proposition individually and in two to four paragraphs clarify its meaning (if necessary), where it comes from (Did you develop it or is it from a classmate?  If the latter why is your classmate’s proposition relevant to you?), and how do you propose to pursue it as an instructor.  Note, if you select one of the earlier propositions that you developed yourself, but want to update it, you can.  In that case, feel free to explain (as part of your two to four paragraphs) how you refined that proposition as the course went along.  As noted, it is OK to find someone else’s proposition to be salient to you.  Recognizing it is flattering, but copying it without crediting its originator is plagiarism.


 (The portfolio feedback should cross-reference what they’ve done versus what they were asked to do. So, for example, you can consider whether in Part A whether a classmate has clarified what their current or prospective role(s) with multilingual learner is/will be. In part B do they share the required number of Are their rationales compelling? (I often find that there’s some drift between what a proposition asserts and a rationale supports, which can be rectified by adapting the proposition or changing the rationale.) Is one of the propositions their own? Do they clarify how they will incorporate the proposition into their current or future instruction? Do 813Mers have a part E?

You have to do right now Need 8 respose for 8 proposition. 

Your paragraph or two of feedback will likely be some blend of ‘I liked how you….’, ‘It seems to me that your point about X can also apply to Y’, and/or ‘I didn’t follow what you were trying to see in [name the place]’. All such comments are useful because they reinforce, expand, and/or troubleshoot.)



Sister leave this one until I get a feed back or my friends portfolios

(All) C. Include the one or two paragraphs of advice you gave to both of your peers for peer review (i.e., What was your advice to them?)

(All) D. Include a one-paragraph characterization of how you used your classmate’s feedback to revise your portfolio.  If you didn’t get any feedback from one of your designated classmates, please say so.  I will deduct 3 points from the portfolio grade of anyone who does not offer peer feedback.

E. Reflect (in 2 to 4 paragraphs) on the advice you received in Module A related to your problem of practice.  Your reflections can include thoughts related to our course readings as well.

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