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The following links are associated with the videos in the undergraduate marketing strategy class.  Please note in the actual assignment page, many of the links do actual work if you double click them.  However, if they do not work, please simply paste in your web browser and they should play.  Please, as originally communicated, please place all shared copies of video-cases and business week assignments via the appropriate links so labeled in the Discussion Board and not e-mail to your classmates.  Do not use the textbox for your answers, upload an MS Word document instead. Please just do the video named. The other links are for general purposes. The link within the weekly tabs must be in the form of an MS Word document. Then place them within the appropriate discussion board link for sharing purposes.  To receive a grade on all assignments, you must submit within the weekly tabs.  Then, if you would then like to see other members' work, please go that particular discussion board. Be sure that you must write-out the questions first followed by your answers as shown in the examples of format under Course Documents in Blackboard.   I have a board open for the many videos and business cases for that purpose. Please use it. 

The basic questions: After viewing the videos on domestic automotive industry troubles ("Changes at Ford Motors" and "Changes at GM"), please answer the following questions:

1. The former CEO at General Motors suggested that one of the keys to survival of the automotive industry was to become more global and spread its brand overseas. However, he even admitted that eventually China will want to produced its own automobiles and will displace General Motors as its primary producers of vehicles in the near future. Is it a good strategy to help a country develop its own technology in the long-term so that your company can make money at the short term?

2. What is the jobs bank? Is it sustainable? Should the government step in and maintain corporate pensions and healthcare benefits that were promised to workers in the automotive industry or should they sink or swim on their own abilities? Many companies rely on their own countries' social systems to maintain social benefits, such as healthcare. Are domestic businesses placed at a severe disadvantage because we prefer that healthcare be in the hands of private enterprises and social security in the hands of the government? Please explain your answers.

The following links are associated with the videos in the undergraduate marketing strategy class:

Changes at Ford Motors

Changes at General Motors

Please place the video-assignment 5a as a download to the appropriate link.

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