ENG 101 -200 Module 1 Assignment: Annotation Activity

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Module 1: Annotation Assignment Overview


This is the assignment sheet for the Annotation Activity.  This is something we'll do a lot this semester as a way for you and your professor to have a conversation about the text and how you are reading it.


Part of what distinguishes good students and critical thinkers is good note-taking skills. You need to take notes not just when in class and listening to lectures, but when completing independent work on your own, like reading and thinking about questions related to your college courses.  It will help you study and write papers by leaving flags for you to return to later, but it also more firmly cements your ideas into the cognitive pathways of the brain.

It's time for you to put what you've learned about annotating texts into practice. This will help you develop good habits on your way to becoming an engaged and active reader, rather than someone who is passively manipulated by writers. 

Assignment objectives:

  1. Practice note taking skills.
  2. Establish a body of notes to help essay writing later

The question:

Upload your notes on The Call of the Wild, Chapters 1 and 2.. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Take a photo of your notes on the text itself.
  • Take a photo of handwritten notes.
  • Type up your notes.
  • Make an audio recording or video of your notes.


  • We're looking for substantial work here: this isn't just highlighting a few things. Write things down!



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