ENG 101 -200 Module 1 Assignment: Diagnostic Essay

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Module 1: Diagnostic Assignment Overview


Diagnostic Essay Overview

This is the assignment sheet for the Diagnostic Essay. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, as there is a lot to process.  This essay is designed to be short, to be based on your own experience and ideas, and to be a good way for your professor to start to get to know you.


The Diagnostic Essay is practice for all of us.  For you, it's a chance to remind yourself what writing an essay is like.  For your professor, it's a chance to give you some feedback on your writing.  You do get a grade on this assignment.

Assignment objectives:

  1. Start to formulate your college voice
  2. Get into the groove of writing
  3. Let your professor get to know you as a writer

The question:

In a short essay of 400-500 words, answer the following question: 

Train A is leaving Baltimore headed to DC at 12:00pm.  Train B is leaving DC headed to Philadelphia with a stop in Baltimore at 12:30pm.  

This is English, not Math.  Make the trains interesting. 

Write an essay in which you tell me why I should care about these trains.


  • You are aiming for a multi-paragraph work here with an introduction paragraph, body paragraph(s), and a conclusion.
  • The final essay must be a minimum of 400-500 words.
  • The final essay should be double-spaced and in a 12-point font.
  • Any source material must be attributed and cited properly in MLA format, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
  • Plagiarism on this or any assignment in English 101 will result in a failure of the assignment for the first offense and failure of the course if it is your second offense.

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