Bus and Professional Ethics (BPA-138-275) Ethical Dilemma Review 1 - Chapter 1

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Madison slips into bed in the early hours of the morning after a long day at Alpha Beta Corporation. She automatically opens the TikTok app on her phone to watch a few videos. As she scrolls, a notification pops up of a new follower. The name is unfamiliar, so she taps the profile and browses.

As she continues, a video of someone recognizable appears. Madison watches it a second time and realizes it’s her coworker, Mark. As the video plays, Mark is visible wearing an AB Corporation shirt, talking to friends, and playing truth or dare. It becomes apparent that Mark and his friends are visibly intoxicated. She turns up the volume and hears Mark talking about a possible merger/acquisition of AB as well as some salty language about AB and some of the managers.

“Alpha Beta really sucks. Work, work, work, for little pay. And I always have to listen to Terry, AB’s golden child, about his problems, his hit list, and how he’s going to be promoted or fire us if he doesn’t get what he wants. He even told me AB is going to buy Viper Inc. With our customer database and Viper’s IPTV and VPN third-party services, we’ll kill the competition,” slurred Mark. At the end of the video, Mark falls on the ground, taking others with him.

Though Madison doesn’t particularly like Terry, she is concerned about the video, Mark’s comments about Terry, his AB shirt, and that he spoke about something that was confidential. She knows, via the code of conduct and various meetings, that when you wear AB’s logo, you represent the firm and not just yourself.

“That idiot,” Madison murmurs, and then she notices the number of views on the video: several thousand.

The next day, Madison eats lunch with Caroline, her friend and coworker, and tells her all about Mark and the video.

“What do you think I should do?” asks Madison.

“Just keep quiet,” Caroline says. “Mark was just stressed. Haven’t you said things when you were drunk with someone videoing you? Besides, who are you going to squeal to? Remember, he who squeals usually gets made into pork patties as well,” quipped Caroline.

“What if I send an anonymous email to Terry with the link to the TikTok video?” says Madison.

Caroline counters with, “Yeah, and Mark may or may not get fired. But remember that Terry and Mark were buddies in college. Who knows what Mark has on Terry and vice versa? And if someone reverse checks your email, you may not be as anonymous as you think,” says Caroline.

“You would still be snitching, and Mark would still probably get fired. Think of his family. They are counting on him to support them. It was just a silly TikTok video. Who really cares that much about it? It’s not worth anyone losing their job, is it?” adds Caroline.

“But if I don’t speak up, more and more people will see the video, and it could be really damaging to the company. No one is supposed to know of the merger because it could cause employees to panic,” said Madison.

Caroline pursed her lips and lowered her voice and says, “Look, I wasn’t going to say anything, but that’s actually my profile you found, not Mark’s. I was with him at the bar filming the video with a few other coworkers. He doesn’t even know I posted it. If you do anything, I may be on the chopping block.”

What should Madison do in this situation?

Questions | Exercises

  1. Identify the issues Madison has to resolve.

  2. What is Madison’s responsibility to the firm and Terry?

  3. Do you think Madison should report Mark and Caroline?




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