ENG 101 -200 Module 2: Discussion

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Module 2: Discussion

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To Prepare for this discussion, read and take notes on the Chapters 3-7 of The Call of the Wild.


Post an initial post by Wednesday , a brief response to one of the following questions from this week's reading:

Your initial response should be 250 words in length, reflecting on the prompt given for the module.

Reply to at least two classmates' posts. Your response to your classmate's discussion should be around 150 words (each) and add to the discussion (i.e. reflecting on their response, asking questions, etc.). 

Choose one interaction between Buck and another character in Chapters 3-7.  Using your good MLA format (Author page number.), direct us to the interaction and describe it.  What do we learn about the characters through that interaction? How does it contribute to the major themes of the novel?


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