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Course textbook: Effective Leadership.  2014.  Humphrey, Ronald H.  Sage Publications, Inc.  For paperback copy purchase, please use this ISBN:  978-1412-963558

You are a Managing Director at a company and you’re meeting with a peer Maureen about an upcoming project. As you’re wrapping up the meeting, you two begin to discuss who will lead the team. Maureen suggests Lee Chang, an ex-patriate from the China office. Lee is so quiet that no one ever notices him, yet he has the qualifications and desire to the do the job.

    1. What are your thoughts about Lee’s leadership abilities in general?
    2. What are your thoughts about Lee’s ability to lead a diverse workforce here in the US?
    3. Let’s say that the client requested Lee to lead the project. What would you do and how would you help ensure Lee’s success?

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